System functions

Functions that will make your work easier


A sales strategy, which works on the basis of interconnection of all sales channels. Its goal is to streamline sale processes and interactions with the customer. Take a look at the benefits of omnichannel:

Increased customer loyalty

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Identification of customers on individual channels

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Increased effectiveness and personalization of communication with the customer

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Increases in sales and profit

Thanks to connecting all available sales channels
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Decreased expenditures

You will be able to utilize smaller shops with smaller storage amounts
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Quick reaction to market development

An ability to swiftly react to every-day changes in the online market as it rapidly develops
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Our graphics department will set up graphics for you according to your needs and requirements, you don’t have to be a programmer or a graphic designer.

Content pages

About us, shipping, payments, terms and conditions, gallery, blog, news, … 


Provides individual setting and configuration of graphic elements and the possibility of selecting chosen products on the main page


Recommendations and setting of graphics according to current trends in the online environment

Responsive for all devices

Whether your customers are mobile, laptop or desktop users, your e-shops will be compatible to their devices

Product detail

A wide range of settings from descriptions, parameters, related products, categories, sorting, photos, videos and manufacturers

Sort products in the category listing

Sort products by: most expensive, cheapest or latest

Product filters

Product filters according to parameters and categories

USP (Unique selling propositions)

Your customers will see the advantages of your e-shop, which makes you different

Selection of transport by country

Transport settings available according to local customer requirements in the country
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Multi-currency support

You can use several different currencies for each e-shop according to the needs of your business
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Distinguish your products with labels – discounts, news, favorites, etc.


Customers can search for goods through a wide range of parameters


Clear ordering process for the customer, increasing the success of the purchase completion and automated order management for you and your warehouse workers

Editing orders

Edit the items or requisites of the order

Connection to accounting systems

You do not need to change the existing accounting software, we mediate the connection to your system

Orders from all sales channels

You will always find the created orders clearly in a single administration point
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The process of ordering in the cart/h3>
A customer-friendly cart in one step including customer registration and login

Order filters

Filter by sales channels, suppliers, countries purchased goods, and more

Notification emails + statuses

You can inform your customers about every step in the order process

Export orders

Export your orders for the needs of accounting and other systems
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Label printing at carriers

Simply print the labels of specific carriers directly from the administration page

Order history

Record any changes made when processing the order


Provide comprehensive information and prevent the customer from leaving to competition.

Single product database

The products are uploaded to your summary database, then you can easily select or change which e-shop(s) the product will be displayed on
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Import of products

Add products manually or in bulk, using imports

Common data and different data for individual sales channels

Each product has data that is the same for all sales channels e.g. weight, dimensions, technical specifications, EAN, catalog number etc. and so-called multidata
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Quick edit / Export and import

Edit data in bulk for the selected e-shop or globally for all sales channels
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Filter in product lists by price, availability, manufacturer or parameters, or search using fulltext

Upselling support

Recommend suitable related products to the ones selected by the customer

Product settings

Various settings for important product attributes: activity, price with and without VAT, keywords, product families, categories, etc.
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Product variants

Variants are created in the system as fully-fledged products from the product template by copying, so they have their EAN code, description, number of pieces in stock and more

Price levels

Create individual prices for your regular or large customers

Price lists

Enter different prices for products (price with / without VAT, recommended price, retail price, etc.), by entering one set of data. The system will then calculate other prices for you
Only at Retailys!


Provide customers with advantageous discount codes, special goods, add discount labels etc.


You can have each product in stock in more warehouses, the stock status is updated according to the availability of warehouses

Product URL path

No manual entry is required! The URL path is generated automatically from the product name
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Category creation system for multiple e-shops, price comparators, marketplaces and search engines

List of categories and subcategories

You can add, edit and delete categories and subcategories indefinitely

Easy category management for multiple e-shops

Manage categories for each of your e-shops separately in a clearly arranged list
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More category trees in the e-shop

One product can belong to several categories in more trees in one e-shop

Sorting categories

You can sort the categories according to your destination

Category whisper from price comparators​

Match categories of your e-shop directly from the Retailys system to categories of third parties (Heureka, Zboží, Google, Favi, Glami,…)

Automatic product classification

Adding a product to a category will automatically overwrite it into parent categories

Creating a URL

No manual entry required! The URL path is generated automatically from the category name
Only at Retailys!


Get an overview of who your customers are, store data on their behavior and use it for effective marketing

Single customer database

Collect data from all of your sales channels (e-shops, marketplaces, …)

Customer database filters

Filter your customers according to selected sales channels

Management of user access to the system

Extensive rights set across all sales channels

Administrator accounts

Create independent administrator accounts for your employees and assign selected permissions

User administration and editing

User administration and editing

Manage your customer data API access

Create an API access key for your administrators (Retailys interface with third-party services)


Get new customers or reach existing customers with news thanks to effective marketing campaigns


Email the customer when the product is back in stock or the price of the product has dropped

Dynamic layers

Send data to advertising systems for the best optimization of advertising campaigns

Marketing tools

Use the connection with marketing tools (Mergado, Google Analytics, Merchant, Search Console, Tag Manager…)


Your e-shop will comply with the strictest rules for display in search engines

Third party integration​

Connection to grader applications (Glami, FAVI, Heureka, Zboží.cz…)

Upselling support

Recommend suitable related products to those already selected

Price lists​

Enter different prices for products (price with / without VAT, recommended price, retail, etc.), by entering one set of data, the system will calculate other prices for you


Provide customers with advantageous discount codes, special goods, and discount labels


Create quality content for your products, attractive to your customers, to achieve the highest possible conversions


Create interesting content, add news and articles for visitors to your site

Image galleries for products​

Add quality product photos and determine the main photo displayed in the gallery next to the product

Text editor

Advanced text editor in which you can edit the text as you wish, insert tables, images or videos


Possibility to insert URL paths from external pages, e.g. YouTube


Customize the look of banners to suit the needs of a specific audience


Edit texts and introductory images of the categories so that the customer knows what he will find in the category


Easily analyze and evaluate the data you need to optimize sales in your sales channels.

Single dashboard for all sales channels

Easily manage your sales statistics in one report

Separate reports

View content separately: number of listed products, number of customers who purchased, total sales, and other useful reports


Filter only selected data: individual sales channels, warehouses, time period etc.

Number of unique customers​

Find an overview of new customers

Statistics of connected third party applications​

View sales statistics on marketplaces and other sales channels clearly on one page

Sales map/h3>
View e-shops sales by geographic location on the map

Total sales​

View the development of total sales on your e-shop in a given timeframe

Statistics in graphs​

See a summary of your sales channels arranged in graphs

Cash registers

Combine your online sales with brick-and-mortar sales into one administration and get rid of worries about availability in warehouses

Connection of e-shop cash registers and warehouses

Connect the warehouse of your e-shop and the cash register in one system, so that if a product is sold through the cash register at a physical shop, the product availability on both the e-shop and physical store is updated.
Only at Retailys!

Receipt printing

Quickly print a receipt after the purchase is completed

Possibility of connecting an EAN code reader

The system supports easy connection of an EAN code reader

Options for payment in cash or by card

Simple selection of the type of payment required from the customer

Overview of income and expenses at the cash register

Automatically generated clear records of income and expenses

Cash register deadline

Perform daily cash register closing quickly and easily


With Retailys, every e-shop can expand abroad – with our powerful tools developed for expansion needs


We will help you with the translation of your website, products and categories and provide translations into other languages
Only at Retailys!

Consulting abroad

Our professional team will comprehensively advise you on expanding abroad
Only at Retailys!


The system supports more than a hundred currencies and you can set the currency on the website according to the needs of the customer audience
Only at Retailys!


The administration and website template support more than 50 languages and is tailored to the specifics of each country
Only at Retailys!

Multilevel categories (subcategories)

Adding a product to a category will automatically overwrite it into parent categories

Synchronize products and categories between channels

A simple and fast launch of new channels can be done thanks to synchronization of products and categories
Only at Retailys!

Local specifics

Extensive support is given for local customer specifics for each country (shipping and payment methods, template layout, USP …)

Management of orders from multiple e-shops in one window / administration

You will always find your created orders clearly in one window, where they can be filtered not only according to sales channels

Setting tax rates​

The Retailys system takes into account the different tax rates for certain categories of goods in each country
Only at Retailys!

Robust API​

Retailys offers the ability to connect to a robust API for connecting third-party applications or vendor feeds
Only at Retailys!

Support for multiple warehouses​

An integral part of your expansion is the support of multiple warehouses. The Retailys system can for example, create separate warehouses for each country
Only at Retailys!

Support for multiple companies

In some cases, it is appropriate to establish a subsidiary company – for example, to handle a larger volume of orders from abroad. The Retailys system can record this information
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Connections available

The Retailys system supports a myriad of connections to third-party applications through our robust API. More about applications

Czech Post Office delivery

Connection to Online submissions from the Czech Post with the support of services: Package To hand, Package To post, Package to package storage

Carrier PPL

Applications that support report printing, labels, package management, and automatic submission to PPL administration

Zásilkovna Service

Connection designed for automatic and fast transfer of orders with this logistics service, the application also supports label printing

ČSOB payment gateway

Connection to the payment gateway for clients of the Czechoslovak Commercial BankComgate (ČSOB).

Comgate payment gateway

Napojení na platební bránu Comgate s podporou bankovních tlačítek

GoPay payment gateway

Connection to the payment gateway from GoPay for secure and fast payments

PayPal payment gateway

Connection to the PayPal payment gateway for receiving international payments from foreign customers

Smartsupp chat

Application for communication with e-shop visitors in real time

Facebook Customer Chat

Live chat for real-time communication, the application allows interaction between your e-shop and (potential) customers

Google tools

Google Analytics Toolkit: Google Analytics, Google search console, Google Tag Manager

FlexiBee accounting

Application for an online accounting system for sole traders and smaller companies, which allows you to transfer your orders to FlexiBee

TopList analysis

Basic analytical tool for monitoring traffic to your website

Connection to suppliers

Connection to your suppliers using feeds according to your requirements

Price comparator

Connection to the most used price comparison website in the Czech Republic., verified by customers.

Price comparator

Connection to the most used price comparison website in Slovakia verified by customers grader

Connection to one of the most popular comparison websites in Germany grader

Connection to the second largest price comparison website in Germany

Glami grader

An application for browsing on a comparison website for clothing

Favi grader

Connection to a Czech comparison website with a focus on furniture

MALL Pay payment gateway

The MALL Pay service is a payment method that allows customers to delay the payment of purchases, where Mall Pay will pay you for the purchased goods within 48 hours

Use our know-how during your international expansion

Data and reports in one spot

Sales, web traffic, number of products still in inventory and other relevant information is easily accessible in our app. You can filter the data by time, country, product and other criteria. You can automatically generate various graphs or perhaps a geographic map of sales.

Automation will do your work for you.

We leave the routine work up to the algorithms. Retailys will watch the changes in VAT and exchange rates for you, and will prevent the customer from ordering products that are already sold out. By synchronizing your e-shops expanding to additional countries will be significantly faster and smoother.

Online marketplace and price comparing websites

In Czech we will connect your E-shop to the most widely used online marketplaces and price comparing websites such as, Zboží.cz, Heureka or MALL Marketplace. Abroad we will connect you into Amazon, Ebay, German Idealo, British PriceRunner, Polish Ceneo and other platforms.

We share our knowledge

Launch of Kaufland Global Marketplace in the Czech Republic and Slovakia!

In 2021, we became one of the first Czech official agencies for and, thanks to integration into our system, we provided to our clients smooth access to this marketplace. Now has transformed into Kaufland Global Marketplace, which is a comprehensive "all-in-one" solution, enabling online sellers to sell with just one registration, not only on the German marketplace, but now also in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Retailys on a business mission to the USA

Petr Heller, the CEO of the Czech software company Retailys, took part on behalf of the company in an important business mission of the Confederation of Industry and Transport, accompanying the President of the Senate of the Czech Republic, Miloš Vystrčil, during his official visit to the USA from 2 to 9 June 2022. Petr Heller introduced the Retailys system in Chicago, Washington, D.C. and Richmond, and this was the first step regarding plans to establish a branch office in the USA.

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