Webshippy – new fulfillment company helps you expand your business in Europe

Webshippy, Europe’s first robotized fulfillment network helps online stores reach their full potential by providing world-class order fulfillment services with added value services such as quick commerce (one-hour and same-day delivery) and automated product procurement (B2B dropshipping marketplace).

Webshippy is currently serving more than 2.000 eshops and delivered orders to over 3 million happy customers in Europe. The company has more than 10 thousand square meters of robotised warehouses in Hungary and recently opened its warehouse in Slovakia and soon to open another warehouse in Czech Republic.

Thanks to this Webshippy is now able to provide its leading quality service to Slovakian and Czech eshops as well.

Why is this interesting for Retailys customers?

With its network of fulfillment centers Webshippy is able to provide eshops same-day or next day delivery in Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary at local prices. This way Retailys customers who want to expand to these countries don’t have to worry about international delivery fees, with Webshippy’s fulfillment services they can compete with faster delivery times at local costs. In some cities the company can even offer one-hour delivery which is completely unique e.g. Budapest.

Sell through new channels!

By the combination of Retailys integrations with the big marketplaces and price comparison websites, and Webshippy’s fulfillment services Retailys customers are now able to sell their products through new channels such as:

  • eMag (HU, RO)
  • MALL (CZ, SK, HU)
  • Arukereso (HU)
  • Heureka (SK, CZ)
  • Compari.ro (RO), etc..

Webshippy can support your sales through all B2C marketplaces and price comparison websites in Europe. Meaning that you just have to start sales through these channels and Webshippy takes care of all orders arriving to the customers.

Find new products to sell!

In case you plan to expand to Hungary, Webshippy can even help you find new products. Besides its fulfillments services, the company offers automated product procurement through its B2B dropshipping marketplace. This means that you can choose products from a virtual catalog that synchronizes with your eshop and with just one-click you can start selling one of the more than 40 thousand products available. This service is provided in a “dropshipping model” which means all of these products will be automatically delivered to your customer’s doorstep and you will only have to pay for the product once the purchase has been made.

Sounds interesting? In that case, you should register for a free consultation with Webshippy, where the company’s staff will help you with any further questions!

Dušan Makrlík

E-commerce specialist & Sales manager


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