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For the media

Companies in foreign countries (mainly in USA, UK and China) consider selling their products through multiple international sales channels as absolutely natural, but in the Czech Republic, the situation is completely different and only a small percentage of businesses are able to use foreign online sales channels (e-shops or marketplaces) for the benefit of increasing their sales. Next to the development of the Retailys system aimed at international expansion, the company also pursues expanding awareness about options in the field of international expansion with the help of the internet, holding training courses, seminars and workshops and presenting their solution at conferences and trade fairs in Europe and everywhere else.

If you are interested in finding out more about the company or just generally about the practicalities of an omnichannel, cross-border and online sales, please contact us:

Ing. Petr Heller, executive
Phone: (+420) 720 579 325 / (+420) 376 383 611


About the Retailys company ® is the first Czech representative of the new generation of E-commerce solutions, labeled as the e-commerce omnichannel systems. Thanks to the Retailys system it is possible to easily manage, from a single administration,an unlimited number of various E-shops in various languages and currencies that meet the local specifics of a growing market, selling products on the biggest global marketplaces, such as Amazon and eBay or automatically manage social sites and other marketing and sales activities . Orders from all sales channels are afterwards organized into a single module.


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