Retailys is originally a Czech company that develops the information system of the same name, the Retailys e-commerce platform, serving to facilitate the expansion of online stores. This includes the ability to manage accounts in global markets as easily as creating fully localized online stores for specific regions / markets with support of local currencies, languages ​​or payment methods, all in one administration. In Europe, it is active alongside the Czech Republic in Germany and England, where one of the company's branches is also located. Retailys also has operations in Asia, when it established a branch in Singapore in mid-2018, working with a partner in China and preparing to open additional offices in India and the USA.

What is Retailys designed for? is a cloud based omnichannel (multichannel) tool for managing all your sales channels with the possibility of expanding abroad and selling on international markets such as eBay or Amazon.

Retailys is therefore an e-commerce solution that enables online merchants to:

administration of multiple international online stores with the possibility of localization for specific foreign markets - in different currencies, languages ​​with the support of local logistics, payment methods

  • Manage multiple online stores specializing in certain goods
  • browsing products in online marketplaces (Amazon, eBay)
  • connection to price comparison sites (,, zboží.cz,,).

Using the Retailys cloud platform, retailers are able to manage all kinds of their sales channels in one place. The system includes dozens of features, including warehouse availability synchronization, automatic translation capabilities, and much more.pien.