All the sales channels used across Europe in a single application

Make sales with the Retailys system all across Europe through e-shops, online markets, price comparison websites or branch offices. You can conveniently control your international sales from a single place – from one web application.
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We will connect your E-shop with sales channels across Europe

Price comparison websites across Europe

Sales through price comparison websites have a considerable share in the e-commerce market Europe. We know which platforms are popular in each country.

Thanks to our e-shopping solution, Retailys will connect you directly to the Slovak Najná, Holland, German Idealo or Slovenian

European online marketplaces at your fingertips

With the Retailys E-shop, you will be able to easily connect your products into worldwide popular marketplaces such as Ebay, Amazon or Czech MALL Marketplace.

Products can also be sold directly on Facebook Marketplace. We will connect your product database through an automatic XML feed to social networks.

Connecting branch offices

If you also have branch offices, Retailys will help you connect through the whole system.

Every transaction on your branch office will be automatically connected into your whole economic system. The number of sold goods will be automatically deducted from the number of goods still in inventory and you will see the invoice with other documents from E-shops in all countries.

Use our know-how during your international expansion

Data and reports in one spot

Sales, web traffic, number of products still in inventory and other relevant information is easily accessible in our app. You can filter the data by time, country, product and other criteria. You can automatically generate various graphs or perhaps a geographic map of sales.

Automation will do your work for you.

We leave the routine work up to the algorithms. Retailys will watch the changes in VAT and exchange rates for you, and will prevent the customer from ordering products that are already sold out. By synchronizing your e-shops expanding to additional countries will be significantly faster and smoother.

Online marketplace and price comparing websites

In Czech we will connect your E-shop to the most widely used online marketplaces and price comparing websites such as, Zboží.cz, Heureka or MALL Marketplace. Abroad we will connect you into Amazon, Ebay, German Idealo, British PriceRunner, Polish Ceneo and other platforms.

Experiences of our customers

In the Czech Republic, Slovakia and across Europe we have been selling our products since 2005. J.L. TOMAN cufflinks and accessories are a quality company that emphasizes a high standard of production quality. We pride ourselves on the quality of our products and services, and we expect nothing less from our partners. That is why we are glad that for our long-term business relationship we chose Retailys, which help us with expanding our brand over the internet and thanks to them, our online sales are increasing.

Miroslav Toman
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We share our knowledge

Why sell on Amazon?

It is no longer a question of whether people shop online but how frequently they will buy and how much will they spend. However, the real question is why is Amazon so important for your e-commerce portfolio when expanding into Europe?

New integration – Cookiebot by Usercentrics

Cookies are an important part of every website, which allows you to obtain valuable analytical and marketing information about your visitors. However, the new legislation requires very precise cookie settings under existing electronic communications laws, across the EU. 

Marketplace from Kaufland is expanding to the Czech and Slovak!

As a partner of the Marketplace, we would like to inform you that you will be able to sell your products on Kaufland platforms in the Czech Republic and Slovakia! Kaufland sees this move as the basis for launching the "Kaufland Global Marketplace" - a technology that offers quick and easy access to international online commerce.

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