Zboží.cz, established in 2007, is the second largest Czech goods comparison site and purchasing advisor. Its task is only to mediate the sale with the aim of facilitating orientation in a diverse range of e-shops and online shopping. Its main purpose is to compare the prices of individual products and advise on purchasing, but in addition, it will allow you to find out stock availability or find the nearest store in the area. The scope of advertising is not as widespread as that of a competing Heureka. However, Zboží.cz supports connections to Sklik and Firmy.cz, for example, so thanks to the integrated PPC system, you can promote your products.


Registration on Zboží.cz is free, requires an account on the List and takes about 5 days to process. After setting up the XML feed, it is necessary to create a campaign in the Zboží.cz administration and top up the credit via the Wallet List. For advertising on Zboží.cz, your e-shop must meet the contractual conditions, i.e. it must have an ID number, contact, business conditions or shopping cart on its website and have its own assortment and XML file in accordance with the specifics of Zboží.cz