Ukraine is a country located in Eastern Europe and is one of the founding members of the Commonwealth of Independent States. The economy is among the poorest in Europe and is undergoing long-term stagnation. The Ukrainian economy stands on diversified industry, agriculture and the service sector. The relatively low competition and weak e-commerce market provide a great opportunity for online expansion. In this article, we will provide you with information about Italian e-commerce, introduce you to the best-selling categories of goods on the Internet and introduce you to the specifics of the Italian online market.

Market growth

19 %

Online sales turnover

3 MLD€

Number of online stores in the country

69 000

Number of inhabitants per 1 online store


Tax rate

20 %

Internet usage rate

70 %

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E-commerce overview

Internet users structure

Turnover of e-commerce

Tips for sale

Payment methods

Shipping methods

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