Twisto is an online payment service allowing for easier instant purchases in online stores with options to pay over a period of time.

The first 45 days of credit is free, then for a minimum fee or in installments. Payment for purchases is made via the Twisto card, in selected e-shops via a special Twisto Pay payment button or via installment payments without increase. After setting up a Twisto account, customers will receive a financial limit for the first month of using the service. They can use this amount in full for purchases on the Internet and in brick-and-mortar stores. At the beginning of the next calendar month they will then receive a statement by e-mail with a 15-day due date and the possibility of postponing payment if they pay at least 10% of this statement. They can pay the remaining balance on the following month.

Here is a brief overview of the benefits of this service:

  • possibility to buy on the e-shop with one click and pay only on receipt of goods, to view and trial them
  • better overview of finances thanks to the immediate display of payments in the Twisto account
  • all purchases can be made with one click and information about them is stored in one place in one store
  • in addition, the Twisto account is not linked to a bank account, which guarantees greater security of purchases made on the Internet

Users can choose from three tariffs: Online, Standard and Premium. The Tariff Online is free, the other two can be tried for free for the first three months.

All three packages include the following features:

  • categorization of expenditure

           – automatic division of payments into 20 categories for a better overview of expenses

  • Twisto Pay payment button

           – allows customers to shop at multiple partner e-shops with 1 click without having to copy card details and with the option to pay after trialling the product

  • Twisto Snap: pay by photo

            – payments of invoices and invoices by photo (using the Twisto application) or by e-mail

  • Discounts, cashback and benefits


  • Postponement of payment

           – only 10% of the full amount can be paid and the rest can be paid next month

  • Twisto installments

           – possibility to spread the purchase, with a value over CZK 1,500, for up to 12 months without paperwork, outside help and regardless of the number of products

Within the Standard tariff, it is possible to divide the total expenditure among more people, by activating the Premium package, providing purchases with the most advantageous exchange rate, and thus 3% savings from payments in foreign e-shops. Twisto also offer travel insurance for 6 people, valid worldwide.