• advanced methods to detect a fraudulent transaction
  • transparent prices
  • dozens of payment methods in 135 languages
  • functional in 25 countries of the world

Stripe is one of the most modern and popular payment gateways in the world, making it easy to accept payments and manage your business online. The service, which was born by a Californian startup, is used by companies all over the world, thanks to which they can expand on a global scale.

Basic features:

The payment gateway works in more than 25 countries around the world and supports dozens of payment methods in 135 currencies. It supports payment cards (VISA, Maestro, MasterCard, American Express), online bank transfers and electronic wallets (Apple Pay, Goggle Pay) and payments are immediately visible on your account.

Stripe lets you design your own payment gateway look using Stripe Elements. Thanks to the ready-made components in the user interface, you can adapt the payment gateway to your online store.

Fees vary depending on whether the payment was made in or outside of Europe. If the customer pays with a European card, the transaction fee is 1.4%. Otherwise, 2.9%. A fee of CZK 6.50 is added to each transaction. For transferring money to a bank account, it charges 8 CZK + 0.25% of the transferred amount. You pay no set-up fees, monthly fees or other hidden fees.

Why to choose this app?

Thanks to this payment system, customers can stay directly on the pages of your online store without being redirected to another, external page for the purpose of making a purchase. This has been proven to lead to a higher conversion rate.

For example, a system for invoicing and accounting, payments to third parties or optimization for mobile payments can be connected to the payment gateway itself. Stripe can also be combined with extended services, such as the possibility of issuing your own cards or offline terminals.

One of the most interesting features is a service called Radar to detect fraudulent transaction attempts in live time and before the payment is completed.

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