Smartsupp acts as an online shopping assistant combining live chat, chatbots & video recordings. It is the most popular chat facility on Czech websites and e-shops. Due to the prompt and often immediate response, surveys have shown that potential customers who use this function are 5 times more likely to complete orders. Visitors to the website can contact the online store directly and immediately get the necessary information or get help with choosing the desired product or service. Smartsupp is a faster and more convenient alternative to emails and calls.

Chat can be implemented on any website or e-shop and its activation takes less than 2 minutes thanks to pre-prepared integrations and automatic connection. You can also set up the connection to your system yourself via the API. The basic version is free. In addition, you can subscribe to various tariffs, the price of which depends on the number of operators who use this chat, or depending on which additional services you choose – for example, for connection to Google Analytics or API.