Skladon was established in 2015, and has more than 100 employees and its own distribution center with an area of 10,000 m2, located in Mošnov near Ostrava. They work with major global carriers such as UPS or GLS and can deliver your goods to more than 160 countries around the world. There are practically no restrictions, apart from oversized orders, but for these purposes they cooperate with carriers specializing in pallet / large transport. Their service also includes customs clearance and reverse logistics, i.e. complaints and returns. One of the main advantages of logistics outsourcing is also the lower price for transport, due to order volumes. You can save up to 15% of the original price on transport.

Orders are automatically entered into the system via the API at the time of their creation. At the moment of creating orders in the Retailys system, the information is automatically transferred to the Skladon system, which then takes care of their completion, processing and dispatch.

You can track B2B and B2C orders, receipt of goods to the warehouse, stocks, returns, complaints and shipments online via the MySkladon application on any device with an Internet connection, 24/7 after initial training.

The price for services depends on the size of the e-shop, the location of customers, and also, for example, on specific logistics requirements.

Prices are specific to each individual seller and includes receipt, storage, dispatch and the transport of goods. The portfolio also includes clients who, for example, require less common warehousing activities such as assembly, labeling, quality control of delivered goods from the supplier, insertion of marketing materials such as thank you cards, promotional items, etc. Each of these operations is separately priced and charged.

In general, the more orders an e-shop has per month, the lower the price can be for individual warehouse operations. Clients who are thinking about logistics outsourcing can try the indicative price list.