• Over 5000 own collection and drop-off points in the Czech Republic and Slovakia
  • Delivery starting from 47 CZK to collection points and from 79 CZK to addresses
  • Next-day delivery option
  • Possibility of personal pickup even without a physical store
  • Utilization of Z-BOXes – self-service points
  • Parcel tracking on the website and in the Packeta mobile application
  • Delivery to customers‘ addresses in 34 countries – just one connection needed!
  • Reverse logistics, including from abroad, via the collection point network

Do you own an online store and seek convenient, fast, and cost-effective goods delivery? Connect with Packeta and send parcels through a single system across the 34 countries. Packeta is the simplest and most popular link between an online store and its customers.

Basic features: 

Packeta is a logistics service providing goods delivery for e-shops. It operates based on personal pickup, where the customer collects their parcel at a chosen collection point during purchase or can have the package delivered to an address.

Why to choose this app? 

In addition to its low cost (starting from 47 CZK), the advantage lies in its dense network of collection points. It offers over 5000 own collection points and 3000 self-service Z-BOXes. Collection points can often be used for both parcel pickup and reverse logistics.

With the special service, you can send parcels up to 10 kg to anyone within the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, or Romania for a super advantageous price. For example, you can send parcels to Romania starting from 109 CZK to a collection point or from 169 CZK directly to an address.

If you regularly dispatch more than 12 parcels per day, Packeta will pick them up for you. Delivery, even to 34 European countries, is completely hassle-free. With some limitations (5 kg), Packeta can also deliver to the USA.

You can manage with just one system, one integration, and one label.

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