Messenger Customer Chat


  • Chatting via Messenger directly on your website
  • Live chat for real-time communication
  • Fast interaction between your online store and not only potential customers
  • Strengthening customer relationships through quality support

Messenger Customer Chat is an ideal tool for providing quick and quality customer support. It simply connects with Messenger, so you can easily open conversations even on your mobile device and communicate from anywhere. Plus, just like Messenger, it’s completely free!

Basic features:

The Messenger Customer Chat allows communication not only with people who are logged into Messenger but also with all non-logged-in users. They can write to the chat as a guest user, and communication with them is turned off 24 hours after the last message. The plugin can be customized with colors or alignment, and of course, automatic responses to frequently asked questions can be set up. Automatic responses can also include buttons and images.

Why to choose this app?

The only requirement for integration is a personal Facebook page. The customer has the option of having a summary of their order sent to them without having to register on the online store.

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