The Online Marketplace is a sales platform that allows you to get your products to 7 markets in Eastern and Central Europe and reach up to 60 million potential customers. The mall will provide resellers with complete marketing support on comparators and through newsletters, promos and other tools with 24/7 customer service. In addition, you can benefit from seasonal discount events such as Black Friday, Christmas, Easter, etc. Because the Mall enjoys a great reputation, less time and money are required to build your brand. Mall is a sure bet.

Sales through this online marketplace work by dividing services or competencies between the Mall platform on the one hand and the online reseller (partners) on the other.

Mall will provide:

  • promotion and presentation of goods and especially complete customer service f and questions or complaints
  • placement of products on your site in the given categories
  • product promotion online and offline (Google, Heureka, newsletter)

As a partner, you are responsible for:

  • pricing, advertising and operational matters
  • dispatch of goods directly from your warehouse and separate logistics
  • complete pricing
  • answering more specific customer questions and processing complaints sent to the Mall