Maileon is a professional solution for your E-mail campaigns and transaction messages.


A sophisticated solution for emailing will guarantee you high content and technical quality of sent messages. Thanks to Maileon’s direct communication with free e-mail providers, it guarantees that your messages will never end up in spam folders.

The main advantages of Malileon is the tracking of each customer, so you can deliver content that really interests them based on their preferences. Precise contact lists are available, including filters, which allow you to sort customers by activity, interest, purchased goods, and other values. Detailed reporting will provide you with specific results and multi-level performance measurement, which can be used by the sales department.

Thanks to the API, Maileon is easily integrated into your CRM and it is also possible to connect to, for example, Facebook, Youtube or Google Analytics. A robust and high-performance infrastructure is located in the EU, so Maileon is a great tool for expansion abroad.