Klarna is a Swedish fintech company that provides services such as payments for online storefronts and direct payments along with post-purchase payments. The company is considered a pioneer of deferred payments. In addition, it offers customers its own payment card, which replaces the credit card and allows people to shop on credit terms. Apart from Scandinavia, Klarna is also popular and widely used in Germany and the Netherlands.

Shopping through this payment gateway is fast, easy and secure. Klarna supports several payment methods, whether it is immediate payment (card payment or bank transfer), deferred payment, payment on invoice or purchasing in installments.

While you will be paid the full amount in advance, customers can decide when to pay for the goods. This leads to mutual satisfaction. After receiving the goods, customers have 14 days to evaluate and pay for the product by card or bank transfer without any additional fees. The customer will then receive a confirmation of payment. If a product needs to be returned, it is possible to use this application, and state everything you need. As soon as the trader receives the goods, the invoice is updated.

Financing „3-24“ then allows customers to order goods and spread the fee for up to 24 months in the form of fixed or flexible monthly payments. All without the need for prior registration.

The data is then logged in the system to allow the order to be purchased quickly. In the case of an immediate bank transfer, payment can be made by the customer, quickly, easily and securely without registration. All that is required is to enter the data for access to internet banking.

The sellers themselves will then appreciate the further integrations or functions of the Klarna payment gateway. One of them is the so-called „Klarna Instant Shopping“ for two-click express shopping via a special button. This can be placed on any page where you have a list of your products. In practice, it works as follows: When visiting your site, your customers will find out that they can buy the goods directly. At the same time, they immediately skip the shopping cart and registration. All information is pre-filled and the customer completes the order without leaving the product page. He then receives an order confirmation and can manage the purchase through the Klarna application. The button can be placed anywhere and this integration significantly records a larger number of conversions.