i-Doklad is a service for fast, convenient and secure online invoicing. A smartphone app that allows you to issue invoices to anywhere and from anywhere, with 5 clicks or a few double taps on the screen. In addition, it can be used for the preparation of documents for the tax return. This eliminates the need for paperwork and takes only a few seconds. It is the most popular online invoicing service in Central Europe. Its users have a choice of several templates in a number of languages. These can be personalized with a company logo, a scanned signature and a personalized invoice template. All documents as well as the system itself are in accordance with the law. This bypasses the need to send e-mails or printed copies of paperwork to accountants who can pick them up directly from the system.

The application can convert the invoice amount into a foreign currency according to the current CNB exchange rate. Matching payments between i-Doklad and the bank allows you to monitor who has already paid and have an overview of outstanding debts from clients. You can also track your costs and revenues, which are graphically displayed, to keep track of profits. The program supports the setting of a discount (which is then added to the invoice) or the creation of a regular invoice template, which is then automatically sent at the required time. Entering all invoices into the system, allows for preparation of documents for tax returns, and automatic reminders ensure that all documents are saved and completed in time.