• Shipping to 40 European countries
  • Cash on delivery payment in 6 European countries
  • Affordable E-package Pro service for small and starting online stores
  • Delivery within 24 hours in the Czech Republic
  • Automatic insurance for packages up to 20,000 CZK

GLS Group is among the most well-known carriers with an extensive network covering 40 European countries. In the Czech Republic, it has 28 depots and a central HUB. For online store owners, GLS represents a reliable partner and offers suitable solutions from submission to product return for stores of all sizes.

Basic features:

GLS offers several services to online stores, either for domestic or international transport. You can use various services for package shipping or let GLS take care of reverse logistics.

  • Business Parcel and Business Small Parcel

For regular package shipments
Delivery within 24 hours
Increased security for small or fragile items
Packages up to 40kg in weight

  • EuroBusiness Small Parcel

For shipping packages abroad, where GLS is the final carrier
Cash on delivery payment available in six countries (Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, Romania)
One shipment number for packages throughout Europe
Automatic insurance up to 20,000 CZK/package
Delivery within 48 hours

  • Express Parcel and Express Small Parcel

Packages are delivered express throughout the Czech Republic the following business day before noon

  • E-Package Pro

A service designed for starting online store owners, occasional package shipping, or testing GLS services
You can register for the service online, add credits, and order pickup

Why to choose this app?

GLS represents a reliable partner for domestic and international transport with solutions for businesses of all sizes at favorable prices.

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