Germany it is a Central European country, divided into 16 federal state. Germany is the most populous EU country and the German economy is the fourth largest in the world, and also dominates among the EU countries. The country is one of the key players in European and global politics. Germany is a relatively poor country in terms of raw materials, the economy is mainly concentrated in the industry and services sectors. In our article we will provide you with information how widely is e-commerce used in Germany, the types of goods that are most purchased through the Internet, but also introduce the factors that differentiate the German e-commerce market. 

Market growth

11 %

Online sales turnover


Number of online stores in the country


Number of inhabitants per 1 online store


Tax rate

19 %

Internet usage rate

89 %

What do you get from us?

E-commerce overview

Internet users structure

Turnover of e-commerce

Tips for sale

Payment methods

Shipping methods

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