Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)

Amazon – the largest online marketplace – is very popular. As a leading online store, this global giant provides a great base not only for customers but also for merchants who sell their goods around the world through this platform. They can rely, among other things, on detailed and perfectly functioning logistics. Probably the best known service in this regard is the so-called Fulfillment by Amazon, abbreviated FBA. In practice, this program works in such a way that Amazon completely processes the order for you (removal, packaging and shipping of goods), provides professional customer service and takes care of complaints. As a result, online retailers can focus fully on marketing and promoting their e-shop and on developing their business as a whole. In addition, they are responsible for ordering goods from the supplier, selecting products for sale and delivering them to Amazon’s warehouse, monitoring stocks and answering questions about individual products. Statistics show that the use of FBA has a positive effect on sales growth. & nbsp;

The benefits of FBA are:

  • gaining access to customers who benefit from paid membership (so-called Amazon Prime). They only shop at resellers who have set up an FBA.
  • prefer you as a reseller in certain product categories
  • free shipping for customers on orders totaling over $ 35
  • < li>guarantee of fast delivery of goods
  • the possibility of gift packaging of products

A certain, albeit logical use of the service is charged. It is also related to the obligation to register VAT for products at the place (country) of storage of products.