FlexiBee is an online accounting system for sole traders and smaller companies, which can be used from anywhere. It works on all operating systems and only requires an internet connection. The Czech company ABRA Software is behind its creation. FlexiBee is connected to the e-shop via the REST API. It can also be rented for a few hundred Euros a month, and to transfer data from another application, this software supports the import of data from Excel. You can try FlexiBee for free for one month.

The following functions can be used with the program:

  • EET
  • double-entry bookkeeping
  • wages
  • warehouse
  • invoices
  • bank and cash register
  • VAT, VAT control report
  • property

FlexiBee runs in the following languages: Czech, Slovak, English and German. The system also allows foreign language printing. You can also have a price list in several languages. Users can rent or pay for 3 versions of the program and regularly extend their annual support: Basic, Business and Premium. The basic variant of One is free for 1 user, it is not limited in time or by the number of companies or documents and, like all three paid versions, by the number of users for reading records.