Facebook pixel

Facebook pixel is an analytical tool, thanks to which you will have an overview of the actions performed on your website. You will be able to measure the effectiveness of your ads, set up your own user circles for advertising campaigns and perform their subsequent optimization. This can help you to increase sales. Facebook pixel enables targeted advertising to selected potential customers based on monitoring their behavior on your website. Learn about traffic and how your ads affect customer conversions. Once set up, you will discover, among other things, at what stage people completed the purchasing process.

Facebook pixel is activated and notifies you when visitors to your site take an action, such as purchasing or adding an item to the shopping cart after viewing your Facebook ad. This enables you to target these customers in the future. With increasing conversions, Facebook is able to more effectively reach the users who are more likely to perform an action, and as a result send ads to them (conversion optimization). This can be done, for example, with automatic menus. You can then view and evaluate all events. You can set the Facebook pixel either yourself or you can entrust this task to the administrators of your website.