Czech post

Česká pošta is one of the most sought-after companies for fast and cheap delivery of packages throughout the Czech Republic. The most widespread modes of transport provided by the Czech Post include the so-called Parcel to Hand, Parcel to Post and Parcel to Parcel. All these 3 forms of package transport represent mutual benefits both for online stores and for customers shopping online.

Package In hand

The biggest advantage of this service is the possibility for customers to pick up the shipment exactly where it is needed and at a time when suit the customer, usually the day after it is delivered. This way you can transport packages weighing up to 50 kg. Most shipments without cash on delivery can be contactless and without the need to sign. All that is required is for the addressee to inform the courier of the code sent in an SMS or e-mail. As a result, the handover can be arranged by a third party. On the website of the Czech Post or via the mobile application „Change of online delivery“, the addressee can additionally change the place and date of delivery, or they can have the Package In Hand redirected to the specified delivery points, where they will then collect the package. The addressee will receive information about the delivery of the shipment by SMS or e-mail on the day of submission. If the addressee cannot be reached, the consignment is stored at the local branch of the Czech Post. In this case, the package can only be picked using the code provided without the need for proof of identity. This action can easily be performed by an authorized person. The path of the package can be monitored in detail from start to finish.

Parcel to Post

Parcel to Post is where the sender chooses a branch of the Czech Post to pick up the package from (up to 30 kg), which is usually possible the next working day after delivery. The addressee is informed about sending and delivery via SMS and e-mail, and the package can be picked up easily at a suitable time. Pickup is not subject to proof of identity, so can be collected by anyone, with the code provided. Instead of submitting the package in person to one of the Czech Post offices, the sender can order a pick-up on the basis of a contract. It is also possible to change the collection point on the day of delivery. The service also allows you to request a change of delivery to the post office for delivery to your home. It is also possible to extend the storage period from the standard 7 days to 15 days, both for the addressee and the sender. The movement of the consignment itself can be monitored on the Czech Post website using the Track & Trace service.

Parcel to Balíkovna

This solution is optimal for e-shops due to affordability. The distribution points in this case are the so-called Parcel Services. These can be found both at specialized branches of the Czech Post, but also at other destinations. A code is provided for parcel collection without an identity card (max. 20 kg). At all Czech Post outlets with special counters marked as Balíkovna, it is possible to pay cash on delivery with a payment card. This also applies to depots. At all other collection points you will pay cash on delivery, depending on whether the establishment, has cash or card payment facilities. The customer is continuously notified of the location and time for collection at every stage by SMS or e-mail.