ČSOB payment gateway

The ČSOB payment gateway represents a modern solution, where e-shops can conveniently accept payments made with payment cards. This service replaced the GP webpay gateway, which the Czechoslovak Commercial Bank used previously. A prerequisite for access to this payment gateway is to have an account with ČSOB. This solution works well for both e-shops and the customers themselves. ensuring a simple, convenient and fast method of payment will significantly facilitate shopping and increase customer satisfaction. This is a good solution for online stores that decide to sell their goods abroad, as the Multicurrency service includes accepting payments in CZK, EUR, USD and GBP. The ČSOB payment gateway also makes it possible to reduce the number of unfinished orders and uncollected shipments, includes a completely new way of storing payment cards and recurring (pay-per-click) payments. Another advantage, is the ability to modify the design of the payment gateway according to company preferences and requirements including the uploading of company logos, personalization of the gateway and colors used.

Czechoslovak business bank also provides maximum possible security¬¬ i.e. the highest standard of 3D Secure protocol. The service also has a responsive design, so can also be used on a tablet or mobile phone. Fast processing of payments is used e.g. when paying with Czech cards, payments are usually credited to the account on the next working day. There is also the possibility of convenient transaction management and easy control of status. Payment by card can be completed using MasterPass digital wallet or using the ČSOB and Poštovní spořitelna payment button in one technical solution. The payment gateway also notifies clients of errors in entering the payment and allows details to be re-entered in the event of a failed payment.