Croatia is a country located on the border of Central and Southern Europe and in belongs to the group of the states of the former Yugoslavia. Low competition in the e-commerce indicates that Croatia's market is yet to grow. The high untrustworthy of foreign trade by Croats can cause some expansion problems. We will explore the local area of internet sales in more detail in our article, look at its future development and what to watch out for when expanding with your online store to Croatia. We will also provide information about the most used payment methods and the most favourite categories of goods to buy via Internet.

Market growth

9,7 %

Online sales turnover

0,475 MLD€

Number of online stores in the country


Number of inhabitants per 1 online store


Tax rate

25 %

Internet usage rate

67 %

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E-commerce overview

Internet users structure

Turnover of e-commerce

Tips for sale

Payment methods

Shipping methods

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