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New Cookiebot connection from Usercentrics 

Cookies are an important part of every website, which allows you to obtain valuable analytical and marketing information about your visitors. However, the new legislation requires very precise cookie settings under existing electronic communications laws, across the EU. 

Previously, cookies could be enabled on the site until the customer disagreed. Now the user’s consent is required and cookies must be turned off by default, except for those that are necessary for the operation of the site. 

In the Czech Republic, new legislation was adopted on 1.1.2022 and if you want to have a cookie bar on your domain / domains set to comply with European standards, we recommend using the online tool Cookiebot from Usercentrics, which is compatible with GDPR and ePrivacy, for the whole EU . 

It supports 40+ languages and runs on 70,000 websites. The advantage is a customizable cookies bar, which you can design according to your brand and needs. 

Cookiebot has 3 basic functions: 

  • Cookie consent (Souhlas se soubory cookies) 
    customized user consent for your site. Full compliance with GDPR, ePR and CCPA 
  • Cookie monitoring 
    automatic scanning for monitoring and reporting of all types of cookies
  • Cookie control 
    Automatic blocking of all first and third party cookies on your site until consent is given  

If you own several domains, whether Czech or multilingual, you can conveniently manage one administration and set the cookie bar the same for all your domains. Cookiebot will also automatically take care of language versions for your foreign customers based on their IP address. 

The advantage for smaller entrepreneurs who own only 1 domain with 100 subpages is the possibility of using the Free version, which has the same functions as the Premium version. Other pricing models depend on the number of domains and subdomains. 

If you want your online business to comply with European standards, do not hesitate to contact our Sales department or register directly under this link HERE

Dušan Makrlík

E-commerce specialist & Sales manager

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