ComGate is a payment gateway enabling online payments in e-shops and online retailers. It has been operating for 20 years and the service is used by over 3,000 companies. The gateway supports payments by card (VISA, VISA Electron, MasterCard, Maestro, Diners Club) and bank buttons of selected banks (8 in the Czech Republic, 5 in Slovakia and 27 in Poland). It is possible to pay in 7 currencies (CZK, EUR, PLN, HUF, RON, USD, GBP) and in total more than 50 payment methods are supported. Charges are made in the form of a rate (max. 0.99%) according to the monthly volume of transactions. If the volume of transactions is less than CZK 100,000 / month, it is necessary to pay a monthly fee for the administration of the payment gateway in the amount of CZK 149. Ifthe total value of transactions is in the range of CZK 100,000 -500,000, the fee is CZK 99 p.m. Daily statements are provided on a daily basis in various formats that can be easily imported into accounting programs, and payments are sent to the retailer daily by transfer to your bank account, free of charge. It is also free to connect the payment gateway to your e-shop and set it up. Implementation is simple to activate via the ComGate add-on, the company’s sales team will automatically make contact and help with the setup is provided. The contract can also be concluded electronically.