​​​​​​Collabim is the most used SEO tool in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. It will help you with keyword analysis, monitoring your current search positions and link building. It can even find out what keywords your competition is targeting and how they are performing compared to you. With Collabim, you have everything you need for SEO in one place.

  • Once you set it up, Collabim monitors everything for you automatically. Every day Collabim goes through the SERP and obtains information about the current position of your e-shop landing pages for given keywords. You can view all the changes in detail and watch the graphs as your position develops over the long term.

  • You also have a possibility of monitoring the performance of your competition

  • Easy backlink management – Collabim will help you find suitable websites where it would be advantageous for you to set up a backlink. It monitors whether all your previously acquired links are still active on the website

  • One-time analytics, are a great tool if you need to quickly discover what the search is for a given keyword or alternatively, if you need to find other relevant keywords for your product

You can find out more about the functions of Collabim at: