Ceneo is a giant among Polish comparators and dominates the market. Its operation is based on the same principle as other known sites: e-shops are ranked from „best“ based on a comparison of CPC values of individual offers, customer evaluation and price of goods. In order to fill the leading positions, it is necessary to pay per click, while before Christmas its price will increase by an average of 10 – 20% of the base. If you want to be at the top of the seller list on this portal, basic bidding will not suffice and you will have to spend more money to appear in the table of selected offers.

In 2009, Ceneo launched the „Zaufane Opinie“ program, which is similar in nature to the Heureka Customer Verified certificate. You will participate in voting for the best e-shop. After inserting a simple script and activating this service, your customers will automatically start receiving questionnaires and you will receive customer feedback. This is especially useful at the very beginning of advertising on Ceneo.pl. Zaufane Opinie is used to evaluate customer satisfaction with purchases made, and thus your e-shop. Ceneo will then recommend the stores with the highest level of trust from customers. The results of the questionnaires are evaluated within the competition „Ranking Zaufanych Sklepów“, which takes place every year in November.

It is imperative that your XML feed is comprehensive and up-to-date and meets the specifics of this comparator. The XML feed created for Ceneo must contain the following mandatory data:

  • Product ID
  • Product price
  • URL
  • Attributes (The three most important attributes: manufacturer, manufacturer code and EAN)

In addition to the mandatory information, it is strongly recommended to fill in the optional elements:

  • Weight
  • Availability
  • Set
  • Information with links to images
  • Product description

You can also use the API to connect a „Buy Now“ service similar to a Heureka cart, which you can use to increase orders.

Ceneo offers thoughtful administration and a wide range of advertising formats with the option of activating with a few clicks.

1. highlighting the offer (product)

– provides a possibility to set the time of yellow coloring of all or some products depending on the brand, category, etc.

2. bidding position

– enables sophisticated and clear product bidding, thanks to which there is practically no need to use bidding tools

3. insert a note

– gives a possibility to insert a short text (note) in case of free shipping, gift, discount, etc.

4. product selections for special display advertising

– the possibility of using advertisements – widgets, newsletters, banners for the purpose of building a brand

The deficit of advertising on the platform Ceneo.pl. reduces the possibility of automatic copying of the price of transport via XML feed.