• easy expansion to the Slovenian market
  • 13 main categories
  • source of new customers, up to 10 million impressions per month

Ceneje.si will become your partner, not a competitor, it will help make your products and your brand more visible. Slovenia, as a member of the European Union, offers advantages in the field of trade regulation and logistics, which simplifies the processes associated with delivery and sales.

Basic features:

Your presence on the Ceneje.si platform provides a significant competitive advantage on the market there. Slovenian consumers actively use product comparators to find the best deals and are open to ordering from abroad – up to half of Croatians order from abroad.


Ceneje, like Jeftinje, offers the possibility to display the international CERTIFIED SHOP® certificate, which is a paid service that allows you to get a certified shop badge and thus strengthen the credibility of your brand.


  • place on the list of international brand holders
  • regular analysis from a mystery shopper who will report back to you with ideas for improvement
  • premium analysis with local market data
  • overview of customer reviews
  • increasing the price per click for your products will allow you to gain a higher position and improve the visibility of your offer on Jeftinije.hr product pages
  • visibility of your online store on all Ceneje social networks

Why to choose this app?

With this app, you can easily expand to the Slovenian market, reach new customers and increase the conversion of your online store. Retailys is a Verified partner of Heureka Group, to which this comparator belongs. For our customers, we offer integration to this comparator. Goods are imported thanks to an XML feed from our Retailys system. The feed is updated regularly so that the information is the same as on your other sales channels. You can include all the goods you offer or just some selected categories.

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