Automatic payment matching

Running an e-shop is associated with a number of challenges. In the event that your customers can pay by bank transfer, daily monitoring of your bank account will be required in order to check the received payments and their subsequent manual assignment to the created orders, especially with a large number of such payments. This requires a lot of time, if not nerves, not to mention the concentration and care it requires. With Retailys, this routine becomes a thing of the past from today. We have a solution for you.

Thanks to our application for automatic payment matching, this activity becomes easier and much faster. After installing our add-on to the administration of your e-shop, you will be able to check all payments at once. Without logging into internet banking, you can automatically match all received payments with created orders through one click. You will have structure in your orders and you will know when you can ship them, removing laborious and tedious retrieval and assignment. With our accessory, you will fully automate this operation and save valuable time.

The only prerequisite is the support of automatic account statements by your bank. In the administration of your e-shop, you activate the function of automatic matching of payments and then in the overview of orders, with one press of a button, you pair all your payments from the bank account with your orders. As part of this event, orders will also be marked as paid and their status will change. You can send the goods immediately.

Automatic pairing of payments with orders (order number) is based on the variable symbol and the amount matching. This feature is supported by selected banks. For other banks, it is necessary to insert an ABO file with the export of incoming payments, which you need to upload from the administration of your bank.