Allegro – the largest online auction portal in Poland – was founded in 1999. The figure from January 2017 lists this online marketplace as the 5th most visited website in the country. In the same year, it boasted more than 16 million users and more than 20 million established accounts.

Allegro is similar to, but more extensive than, the Czech site Aukro. However, the experience of the buyer and seller show this to be different to a classic comparative website. This platform is specific in the absence of product cards. Instead, hundreds of offers from various e-shops will be displayed for each product you are looking for. Consequently, working with this server is more complicated. This has been reflected in a recent overview of individual prices and ratings, for example in comparison with the Czech Heureka or the German Idealo. Another specific feature of Allegro is that the import of products does not take place through an XML feed, but through an API.