Zásilkovna is a logistics service providing delivery of goods for e-shops. It works on the basis of personal collection, where the customer picks up his shipment at a delivery point of his choice at the end of the purchase. The company was founded in 2010 and since 2019 it has enabled the transport of goods between individuals in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The advantage of Zásilkovna, in addition to the low price (from 41 CZK without VAT), is a dense network of dispensing points (over 4,000 throughout the EU), which can usually be used to submit shipments. If you regularly ship more than 12 shipments a day, Zásilkovna will pick them up itself. Delivery, even abroad, especially across Europe, is completely hassle-free. The shipping company can also send goods to the USA with certain restrictions (up to 5 kg). All you need is a single system, one integration and a single label. In Prague, Brno and Ostrava, the Mailbox provides evening delivery on the same day between 6 pm and 10 pm.

E-shop operators of this service will certainly appreciate its easy implementation: you decide on its scope yourself. Zásilkovna can handle both fully automated shipment submissions, connection to information systems and accounting. Even more complex requirements do not seem to be a problem. You can also count on special functionalities, such as transport to your own stores or the use of other forwarding companies.

After registering on the company website, you can submit shipments through the online system. After inserting the shipment onto the system, you can print and stick a bar coded label onto the package. Then you just deliver your shipment to a delivery point near the customer´s place of residence. The submission is free.