What discourages buying?

26. 04. 2020

What most discourages customers from buying in a cross-border shop?

Sorted by importance:

• High shipping costs

• High transport costs when claiming goods

• Long delivery time

• Difficulty in solving any purchasing problems

• Replacing or repairing defective goods will be difficult

• Possibility of misuse of personal data

• Credit card data may be stolen

• Fear of non-delivery of goods after payment

• Fears of delivery of defective or damaged goods.

To sum up, what to prepare for when opening an e-shop for cross-border clients:

1. Focus on transport solutions

2. Think through all aspects of mutual communication.

Get a job to find the cheapest way of transport, to which country, or raise the price of goods a little to get the price of transport too high. Be as transparent as possible, include all the necessary business information in easily accessible locations, tell your customer beforehand who they will be addressing in your business, how and in what language.

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