Stripe, borne from a Californian startup, is now one of the most modern and popular payment gateways in the world, enabling easy acceptance of payments and business management online. This system is used by renowned companies around the world, enabling them to expand on a global scale. The pursuit of globality is, being one of the goals of the creators of this payment gateway, is the reason for Stripe’s launch in 2020 in the Czech Republic.

Due to this payment system, customers can stay directly on your online website store without being redirected to an external site for the purpose of purchase. This demonstrably leads to a higher conversion rate. Users do not pay any startup fees, any taxes or hidden costs. Stripe has a simple and fast interface. Registration is immediate and free, and the account will be verified as part of the use of the service. There is also no need to fill out forms or applications at length. In addition, the developers designed the site so that programmers who, thanks to advanced documentation, can adapt this payment gateway to their own image.

Stripe is available in more than 40 countries around the world and allows payments with all known credit and debit cards in more than 135 currencies. Another feature is the support of local payment methods to meet the needs of all customers. Specifically for the Czech Republic, most cards are supported, as well as MasterPass and Apple Pay, which can be integrated directly into the administration.

For example, a system for invoicing and accounting, payments to third parties or optimization for mobile payments can be connected to the payment gateway itself. Stripe can also be combined with advanced services, such as the ability to issue your own cards or offline terminals.

A highly useful function, also available in the Czech Republic, is a service called Radar for detecting potentially fraudulent transactions in real time and before the payment is completed.