PayPal is an online payment system enabling secure and convenient transfers between PayPal accounts – all from a single account anytime and from anywhere. PayPal is a leading payment network for online auction portals and is also suitable, for e-shops that prefer traditional payment methods. The service can also be used by companies and private individuals with an e-mail address. PayPal also serves as an electronic wallet to which you can transfer money from your account. Each account must have a link to one or more credit cards that must accept online payments. Credit card details are only entered once.

To create a PayPal account, it is necessary to have an email address and credit card. The Touch ™ function allows you to log in permanently and complete your purchase without having to enter a password, and thus pay quickly. Creating an account and shopping is free. Exceptions are cases where currency conversion takes place. Whether or not the use of the system will be subject to a charge depends on the type of transaction, the method of payment and whether it is a domestic or international payment. For example, domestic personal payment transactions are free.