01. 03. 2018

Retailys.com is originally a Czech technology company with the ambition to conquer the global market with the unique e-commerce omnichannel solution Retailys. In just three years, we have developed Retailys system itself, we have established a branch RETAILYS LTD. in London and participated in acceleration programs in Europe and Asia, and we even opened a branch in Singapore. Above all, we already help dozens of clients in solving their everyday worries, and our technological solution enables them to create European online shops, list goods in large global markets and thus help to obtain orders from customers all over the world. But what was the path to this goal, why Retailys was founded at all and who was behind its beginnings, you will find out in our short story…

Before Retailys was established

In 2008 was founded the Czech software company iNAK.CZ s.r.o. which specialized practically from the beginning in the custom creation of professional online shops.  After some time, some larger clients started to consider expanding with their online stores abroad. For that purpose, iNAK.CZ came out with the idea to create a for managing multiple online shops from one administration (so-called multishop).

iNAK.CZ s.r.o. set aside a small team of four developers to support the development of this multishop system and transferred them to its sister company Social 2.0. (which had the same owner as iNAK.CZ s.r.o.) focusing on the integration and development of software tools facilitating the processes associated with the management of multiple company profiles (not only) on social networks, which in recent years have become an important component of e-commerce business. The combination of experienced e-commerce - focused developers from the iNAK.CZ team and software integration experts from Social 2.0 seemed to be a very good step and it soon became apparent that customers were interested in a much more comprehensive solution for the administration and management of e-commerce processes. Alternatively, they have started to run more stores and promote them at the same time - all managed from one administration. Such comprehensive suitable tools of this type were missing in the Czech Republic (and as it was later found out, they did not exist in Europe either), and people in Social 2.0. with the support of professionals from iNAK.CZ began to see an opportunity in the market with multishop e-commerce solutions…

2016 – finding e-commerce inspiration abroad

An important initiative came from the company's founder Peter Heller, who spent almost a year at the language studies, that he completed during 2016 in Cambridge, England. From the relatively specific and closed environment of the Czech internet market, he suddenly got into a truly international environment, in which he met people from all over Europe every day, but also from America, Africa and especially Asia. During this period, he gained many informal contacts and friends, he also had the opportunity to perceive intersections and differences in the perception and use of e-commerce services between members of different generations from many continents from the perspective of an Internet entrepreneur.

Thanks to these contacts, at the end of 2016 he was one of the first Czechs to be invited to Alibaba's headquarters in Hangzhou, China, where he got to know the e-commerce market in China, studied how online trading platforms work there and how to sell goods on them. Also he found out about local payment systems or logistics and discussed the possibilities of connecting their technological solutions to the systems of these companies. He quickly realized that it was only a matter of time before traders in Europe would be forced to deal with similar integrations, and decided to continue to devote as much time as possible to developing the idea of ​​an online tool that would help with expansion in a truly comprehensive way.

Thanks to international contacts and overlap, new experience and a team of people who have seen e-commerce enter a new global form, it was decided to focus on developing an innovative e-commerce system that can easily manage the operation of several online stores simultaneously and create their language mutations. And from the beginning, it also integrated modules enabling the sale of the client's integrate through the most important global e-commerce platforms, such as Amazon, eBay, Alibaba or Rakuten. We named this system quite expressively - RETAILYS.

2017 - first practical tests and first customers

In 2017, the company Social 2.0. renamed according to the name of the main product to Retailys.com s.r.o.

During the first half of 2017, the platform was intensively tested on partner online stores. The system was gradually tested to manage almost 30 000 products, which began to be sold on almost twenty sales channels in eight languages! We completed testing of this first version in August 2017, and approximately since then the system has been introduced to retail companies and managers of traditional online shops.

Already during the last four months of 2017, we managed to implement e-commerce omnichannel Retailys in almost thirty companies and the total current turnover of orders obtained through sales channels managed by Retailys reached units of tousand of euros per month!

In 2017, the first branch in London, RETAILYS LTD., was established to cover our foreign activities. In the same year we also acquired our first foreign customer - Sport Poeschl from Germany.

2018 - startup and the first investors

In 2018, we focused mainly on the promotion of our product among the professional public, which identified us as a startup - a company that has developed an innovative system and grows faster than is common in the market of e-commerce systems.

Undoubtedly, a very important milestone for us was the several-month involvement in the CzechAccelerator acceleration program for innovative companies, which is organized by the Czech government organization CzechInvest. As part of this program, we sent our representative to a technology incubator in Singapore. The choice of Singapore was no coincidence - we have already seen from our previous stay in China that e-commerce in Southeast Asia is very innovative and in many respects a few years before the European one. Singapore is even further in this position due to its unique position, which is why we discussed the possibilities of cooperation in many negotiations with local e-commerce companies and could inspire each other in new approaches in the field of e-commerce. During 2018, we even established our subsidiary in Singapore with the aim of further penetrating the local business community.

The success in Asia opened the door for investors and at the end of the year we received our first investment to accelerate our growth, in the amount of 220 000 eur. During this investment round, the company was valued at 1 125 000 000 eur and strengthened ist position on the market of European e-commerce solutions.

2019 - transition to the cloud and technological development of the platform

The year 2019 was important mainly for a technical shift in our solution. We became Microsoft partners when we moved to their Microsoft Azure global cloud solution. We were even the only Czech e-commerce solution to be included in the list of supported applications AppSource / Azure Marketplace.

In November 2019, we received two major awards. We took 2nd place in the ranking of innovative companies in the international conference Digitization and Payment, and from the hands of the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Industry and Trade Karel Havlíček and Presidents of major Czech chambers of commerce (APEK, SOCR, AMSP) we received an award for Innovation in Business.

A few days later, based on a public vote, we won a survey as part of the Year of Digital Entrepreneurship initiative, and at the Entrepreneurs' Day gala with more than five hundred Czech entrepreneurs, we were awarded as a Digital Company of the Year 2019 in the Innovation in Business category!

2020 - e-commerce omnichannel is coming!

We are strengthening our marketing and sales department and already at the beginning of the year, companies from practically all over the world are starting to register in our system - Ukraine, England, Germany, Poland, China…

We are therefore starting to build a European network of partners who will be licensed to service the Retailys system for their customers, develop new applications for it and together, in the spirit of our vision, help every small and medium-sized company grow sales by expanding its online channels abroad.

Become our partners and expand into the world together with us!

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