Omnichannel Retailys Cloud System

Retailys offers number of features for the administration of medium-sized e-shops (of any focus) with thousands of tens of thousands of products. The system not only helps to increase number of clients and orders by using a wide scale of selling channels, but it also helps to save your time and contains variety of features that brings effectiveness to your business operations. Every single part of your operations is covered by independent modules solving different problems of e-commerce sales – advanced webpage content management and sales channels, community functions, communication with partners and other parties involved in your business, business cases management, translations, CRMs, integrated accounting (currently available only for the Czech Republic residents) and advanced warehouse and inventory management. With e-commerce omnichannel system, you can sale your products not only on own e-shops (local or Multilanguage), but also on the global marketplaces (e.g. Moreover, you are also able to promote your inventory through social networks and advertising systems.