01. 03. 2020

Course of international e-commerce

Global marketplaces (like Amazon, Alibaba, eBay or Rakuten) and social networks helps to local e-commerce entrepreneurs (with various local specifics) to increase their sales in dozens of percent every year. By using omnichannel systems like Retailys, entrepreneurs can manage number of sales channels in much simpler manner than they have been ever used to. Even small and medium businesses are therefore able to sell their products or inventory to the global markets with a minimal cost. You will be introduced especially (but not only) to these aspects of e-commerce during our course:


· Vertical and horizontal omnichannel – its meaning and function,

· Differences in customer behavior in different countries and on different continents

· Different payment methods and optimal payments setup for parcels in different destinations

· How to save your money by using 3PL

· Optimal fees for using global marketplaces

· Promoting your product abroad, PPC (not only) on Amazon

· Introduction to international accounting

· Social networks from the global entrepreneur’s perspective

· Usage of foreign affiliate programs and their integration to Retailys

· Price management for different sales channels

· Data analysis, new market opportunities search


The course is followed by a 1-day workshop where all participants are allowed to practice all the knowledge and skills gained during the course. We can help you to create and improve your own omnichannel strategy that fits to your business. You can just open an account in the e-commerce system and then you simply set your first international sale channels, setup links to Amazon and other global marketplaces and gain basic knowledge of different local markets. Join us and attend our trainings. You will see how simple is the expansion to global e-commerce markets.

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