Messenger Customer Chat

Messenger Customer Chat is a very useful service, which allows interaction between your e-shop and (potential) customers through live cha, the main advantage of which lies in the possibility of immediate response to questions from visitors to your website when selecting a product or service without the need for emails or calls, saving customers time and providing quick decisions. It is statistically proven that this form of communication has a positive impact on increasing the number of conversions, and thus sales.


The prerequisite for the use of this chat online stores is to have your own fanpage on Facebook. Visitors to your website need to have an account on Messenger and Facebook. They communicate with you directly through Messenger they are familiar with, thus potentially reducing volumes of incoming e-mail. Messenger Customer Chat automatically displays the history of recent communications, allowing follow up on a previous conversation even after customers leave your site. In this case, it is not necessary to save the information, just open the same chat window in Messenger and continue. In addition, the service is free.