Petr Majdl

As a member of many international organizations, participates in projects focused on development of e-commerce. We also organise workshops and trainings to raise awareness of the possibilities of expansion into foreign markets via the internet and other modern technologies.

Microsoft Partner Network

We are official partners of Microsoft. As the very first (and so far only) Czech provider of e-commerce solutions, we are listed in the official catalogue of supported Microsoft AppSource applications, which we reached after completing a several-month certification process. Do you have Microsoft enterprise products in your company? There is a chance that you will receive a recommendation to use our system directly from Microsoft ;)

Czech-Singapore Chamber of Commerce

In Singapore, we have one of our subsidiaries, RETAILYS.COM PTE LTD. To develop business cooperation between the Czech Republic and this Southeast Asian country, we have become founding members of the Czech-Singapore Chamber of Commerce, where we actively present the possibilities of cross-border trade using online and e-commerce tools.

British Chamber of Commerce

Within a cooperation with the British Chamber of Commerce, the company participated in the 2019 in acceleration programme Ment2Grow in order to more easily penetrate the English-speaking markets. has one of its branches in the United Kingdom, so the official sponsorship of the entire project by the British Chamber and the Embassy contributed to the further growth of the company itself and its clients in England.

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