® is the first Czech e-commerce solution from the new generation of e-commerce omnichannel systems. Our clients can administrate almost unlimited number of different e-shops and websites in various languages, currencies and fitting to local specifics, from one administration environment. They can sell their inventory on global marketplaces like Amazon or eBay, complete orders and administrate social networks profiles and solve various marketing tasks from one system.


Foreign merchants (especially from US, UK and China) see the sale of products through multiple sales channels as inevitable. On the contrary, only small number of business is willing and capable to use foreign online sale channels to increase their revenues in the Czech Republic. Our mission is therefore to show that so called cross-border sale using multiple online sales channels in inevitable and logical step for Czech e-commerce retailers in order to increase their sales. We try to teach them how to profit from advantages of omnichannel tools and organize omnichannel sales strategies courses for our clients.


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