The mallpay service is a growing method of payment that is becoming more and more popular and brings mutual benefits for both end customers and e-shops. It allows you to postpone the maturity of purchases in online or brick-and-mortar stores and test the goods before paying for them. Payment by mallpay itself is easy and fast, and thanks to its security, it is increasingly sought after as a modern alternative to cash on delivery, which it slowly but surely pushes into seclusion.

Mallpay provides the customer with such a welcome time to think when buying and enough space for payment. He unpacks the goods and inspects or tests them in peace, in the case of the service he makes his own picture and only then pays (by bank transfer or card) how and when it suits him. At the same time, he can return what does not suit him free of charge. Mallpay will pay the amount himself and will inform the customer about the date of payment in a timely manner.

In practice, everything works as follows: At one of a number of e-shops (this is not just with an integrated mallpay payment method, you select the product and add it to the cart. Then you select the mallpay option and after you send the order, you confirm the purchase with an SMS code. Mallpay will send the money for you to the relevant e-shop within 48 hours. You will then look at everything at home, test everything and return the unsuitable ones free of charge. You have 14 days to pay. You can use either the Customer Zone or the mobile application. After your verification, this period is up to 50 days. You can even defer payment for another month with one click, as many times as you like. All you have to do is pay 10% of your monthly bill. With mallpay, the customer has full control over all their purchases. He has a limit of up to $ 50,000. In addition, he can only keep the goods he is really interested in. Mallpay repeatedly reminds its clients of the date of payment by SMS, e-mail or mobile notification. Only if the payment is delayed by more than 5 days, the appropriate administrative fees are charged.

You can choose from several accounts, which are basically divided into accounts without verification and with verification. The first account named is a free trial of the service. Compared to 3 accounts with verification, which is divided according to the number of individual services or benefits, there is a shorter payment period (14 days instead of 50 days for an account with verification), as well as a significantly lower limit for purchases. For both types of accounts, loyalty points are earned for each purchase, which can be exchanged for different discounts. All 3 “verified packages” allow you to defer payment for another month (after paying part of the expenditure, ie 10% of the monthly bill). The two most comprehensive accounts contain the so-called mallpay skipping card. With it, it is possible to pay in all brick-and-mortar stores and e-shops in the Czech Republic and abroad, or to withdraw cash from ATMs. At ČSOB and abroad, always completely free. You will also receive a 10% discount (with a maximum of CZK 500) on your first purchase on The card only needs to be activated and its use is paid only after a previous trial within one monthly bill.

Deferred payment mallpay brings undeniable benefits for the online stores themselves, which will ensure up to 20% more frequent purchases and a significant influx of new customers, as well as a significant increase in turnover and conversion. A big plus speaking in favor of this payment method is the simple and fast integration, as you can easily and conveniently add mallpay to the shopping cart on your e-shop with one click.

Thanks to mallpay insurance, you can provide your customers with insurance for purchased goods and get a financial bonus yourself without having to pay anything. The implementation itself is simple, mallpay itself will take care of everything together with Eureka. As an e-shop, you will register an increase in your income and competitiveness. There is no need to resolve the contract with the insurance company (mallpay always negotiates the conditions in advance and you only need to sign the contract) or the CNB license or proof of the minimum turnover. Thoughtful mallpay marketing can then help you attract new leads.

Last but not least, the deferred mallpay payment motivates customers to repeat the purchase. It will help them to complete the order even if they are waiting for payment, ie in a situation in which they would normally postpone the purchase indefinitely. If you’re still hesitant, you can see for yourself that the payment method is unique on the mallpay official website.