Marketplace from Kaufland is expanding to the Czech and Slovak!

Partner Retailys

As a partner of the Marketplace, we would like to inform you that you will be able to sell your products on Kaufland platforms in the Czech Republic and Slovakia!

Kaufland sees this move as the basis for launching the “Kaufland Global Marketplace” – a technology that offers quick and easy access to international online commerce. For sellers, this will mean easy entry into the market thanks to simple registration. You will be able to sell your products not only in Germany, but also at Kaufland markets in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Easy expansion!

The team behind’s development enables you to expand internationally in a few steps. At the same time, Kaufland Global Marketplace has its support for customers, thanks to which you will receive assistance where needed.

Retailys connection will be ready for you!

The connection to and will be ready for the first time of the launch of the marketplaces! We are working to ensure the synchronization of products, product descriptions, prices and stock levels for you. Retailys will be ready for the Kaufland Global Marketplace, and what about you?

Reach new audiences and millions of other customers with Kaufland Global Marketplace. Thanks to the awareness provided by more than 1,350 stationary stores, Kaufland is a great chance to make your brand visible! Kaufland is one of the largest retail companies in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, so there is no doubt that it will play a major role in future commerce.

Expansion on a with Retailys

Expand with Retailys and we will register you on the or waiting list. Thanks to this, sell with half-year benefits!

Early bird benefits for the first half year of expansion on or

  • No basic fees
  • No payment of sales commissions
  • In addition, you will receive a credit of EUR 1200 for advertising and sponsored products (divided into 6 months, ie: EUR 200 each month)

As a bonus, you will receive a regular newsletter with news and information about the launch of the markets. If you are interested in expanding to the Czech or Slovak Kaufland marketplace, contact us.

Dušan Makrlík

E-commerce specialist & Sales manager