Idealo is the most widely used goods comparison website in Germany and one of the largest sales platforms in Europe. It is visited by about 18 million users a year. In addition to Germany, where it occupies a dominant position, it is represented in 5 other European countries (Austria, Great Britain, France, Italy and Spain). The portal was founded in 2000 and is used, by a large number of online stores. For e-shops, it is an effective way to be more visible, reach more customers and increase conversions. Idealo resellers can benefit from a variety of optimization tools, leading to increased traffic and orders.

Unlike Heureka and Zboží.cz, it is a purchasing site rather than a bidding site The offer is displayed here only on the basis of the product price. Idealo also provides a checkout service, which works via an API connection and is similar to the Heureka cart. The specificity of this platform is that invoicing is done every 2 weeks. If you miss this deadline, your advertising may be temporarily suspended. You should also make sure that the review collection system is set up correctly and that the XML feed is up-to-date. You can also upload it in CSV format, which is faster and consumes less memory.