eMAG is the largest online marketplace in Hungary. At the beginning of its operation, it operated as an online store in Romania offering computers and office supplies. Over time, its scope has expanded significantly and today includes an inexhaustible number of categories of goods from electronics to cosmetics or books to home furnishings, etc. In recent years, eMAG has entered the Hungarian and Bulgarian markets, bringing more than 36 million customers. In 2019, eMAG launched its own online supermarkets in Romania with a range of food, cosmetics and household items. In addition, it recently expanded to Poland, when it merged with one of the largest Agito e-shops there. In September 2019, the merger of eMAG with the German Real.de, the French discount and the Italian EPRICE created the International Marketplace Network project – a retail internet platform for cross-border e-commerce.

Entering eMAG, is very simple compared to, for example, Amazon. In addition, this online platform has its own catalog.

In accordance with the technical requirements of eMAG, the XML feed must contain the following data:

  • product categories
  • product name
  • mark
  • product ID
  • part number
  • product URL
  • image URL
  • selling price