Slovakia is a landlocked country located in Central Europe, which borders the Czech Republic, and therefore some characteristics of the online market are similar to the Czech Republic. Country is among the smaller European economies. The low number of online stores in the country and low competition provide a great opportunity for online sales. The state is heavily dependent on its main trading partner – Germany. In this article we will provide you summarizing information about e-commerce in Slovakia, the types of goods that are most purchased through the Internet, but also introduce the factors that differentiate the Slovak e-commerce market. 

Market growth

10 %

Online sales turnover

0,9 MLD€

Number of online stores in the country

10 000

Number of inhabitants per 1 online store


Tax rate

20 %

Internet usage rate

72 %

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E-commerce overview

Internet users structure

Turnover of e-commerce

Tips for sale

Payment methods

Shipping methods

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