Brief history of Ltd. is a young and progressive company with the global ambitions. In the last months, our team has done a lot to reach this goal. We continuously work on the development of our innovative product, we opened our London office and last but not a least, our company was chosen to the acceleration program of the Velocity accelerator in Singapore. But on the first place, we help to dozens of our clients to solve their daily problems and to increase their sales.


2016 – Social 2.0, predecessor, was founded

In 2016, the company Social 2.0 was founded. The founding idea of this company was to develop software tools for management of multiple social networks profiles, because their importance for e-commerce was (and still is) growing. The main idea was to develop complex solution of e-commerce SMEs to administrate social networks related processes related to online sale of goods and services. The reason was quite simple, proper tools were missing in the Czech Republic.


Strong impulse for the future direction of the company was a year language program that Petr Heller, the founder of, spend in Cambridge, UK. He moved from the very specific and quite close environment of the Czech online market to the very specific international environment, where he met number of people from many countries in the Europe, Americas, Africa and especially in Asia. He gained many informal relationships and friends, but he could perceive intersections and differences in e-commerce perception among people from different countries and cultures. Thanks to these relationships, he was invited to the international headquarters of the leading global marketplace Alibaba Group in Hangzhou, China, where he could learn backgrounds of Chinese e-commerce market and he could also discuss the possibilities of connection between his software and Alibaba systems.


Based on previous experiences, Petr formed a small group of enthusiastic fans of modern technologies. The aim was to use the great advantage of deep knowledge of the e-commerce business gained during the years of running number of own retail e-shops. This teams is a hearth and brain of Retailys. We have seen that new era of the global e-commerce market is coming, where the domination of global marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Alibaba or Rakuten is increasing. And our task is to prepare a system serving as a tool turning this phenomenon to our clients’ advantage. This system is named RETAILYS.



2017 – First customers

In 2017, we named our company to Ltd. And during the first half of 2017, our team finished intensive testing of our platform with partner e-shops. The system was tested with more than 30,000 different products in inventories that were to be sold on more than 20 different sale channels in 8 languages. The testing phase was closed in August 2017 and since then, the first version of our technical solution was implemented with our customers.

In past months, we have implemented the Retailys e-commerce system in more than thirty different businesses and the total monthly revenues reached through are system are in hundreds of thousands USD. We also gained our first foreign customer from Germany and opened our London office, represented by our UK subsidiary RETAILYS LTD.


2018 and plans for next years

There is plenty of challenges ahead of us in 2018. Important milestone is the acceleration program in Velocity accelerator in Singapore. Our company was chosen by the Czech government agency CzechInvest as the only project recommended to Singapore with governmental financial support.

Within this program, our company takes its place in a special technological incubation program that shall faster our growth. We would also like to open our branch in Singapore that is very attractive location for global e-commerce. But on the first place, our goal is to create cooperation with Asian marketplaces that would allow are clients with the easy access to the Asian markets. If we succeed, we will be one of three European e-commerce systems providers with solution for expansion to the Asian markets through the major local marketplaces. And we believe this will be just the beginning of a great story.