01. 03. 2018

Course of international e-commerce Global marketplaces (like Amazon, Alibaba, eBay or Rakuten) and social networks helps to local e-commerce entrepreneurs (with various local specifics) to...


Olga Dubská

Croatia is a country located on the border of Central and Southern Europe and in belongs to the group of the states of the former Yugoslavia. Low competition in the e-commerce indicates that...


Olga Dubská

Turkey is a state located in Asia Minor and, to a lesser extent, in Southeastern Europe. The state is dominated by other religions, which strongly influence traditions in the economy and culture. At...


Olga Dubská

Russian Federation - Russia is the largest state and the ninth most populous country in the world. The state has the largest reserves of natural resources, which significantly affects the economy,...


David Křišťan

Belgium (the Kingdom of Belgium) is a state located in the Western Europe. The country is part of a significant Benelux unit and one of the 6 founding countries of the European Union. The capital...

United Kingdom

Kateřina Kapounová

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (the United Kingdom) is an island state located on the northwest coast of continental Europe. The country was a member of the European Union...

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